LED Toilet UV Sterilizer

  • Fast sterilization, healthy and environment-friendly
  • Deep Ultraviolet Sterilization
  • LED UV lamp is safe and mercury-free
  • 3M Super Glue Adsorption Silicone Jacket
  • Fast removing the peculiar smell with only 3 minutes (Fresh, safe, healthy)
  • AI control, open to turn off, close to turn on
  • Application: Using for public occasion
  • Two color, free selection, accept OEM
  • Light sense unlock
  • Easy carrying
  • Special price for bulk order


Using 270-280nm wavelength deep ultraviolet LED chip, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, inhibiting bacterial regeneration.

High-power LED lamp beads, better sterilization effect.

3 UVCLED lamp beads + 3 UVALED lamp beads + 1 induction lamp bead, stable deep sterilization and odor removal, automatically turn on the sterilization mode.

3-5 minutes sterilization mode, quick-acting sterilization, removing odor.

The LED UV lamp is sterilized, tasteless, chemical-free, safe and mercury-free, and no secondary pollution.

3M Super Glue absorbs the silica gel jacket to prevent it from falling off and make it stronger.

The light sensor is unlocked and the sterilization mode is automatically activated

Material : ABS+PP

Size: 60*60*20mm

Packing : 60 pcs/carton

Delivery: about 15 days

Logo printed: Accepted

Packaging customization: original packaging customization, self-adhesive stickers


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